What is ThunderStax?
ThunderStax™ is a pre-launch cryptocurrency that will gain MASSIVE exposure through the ThunderAccess™ upcoming News & Social Network. Validation has already proven that the Thunder Access™ Social Network will be huge with millions of Reporters. Each Intern & Reporter will have and use ThunderStax™ ...
How Will ThunderStax Be Issued?
$50 in ThunderStax™ Cryptocurrency will be issued to users that you personally sign-up for free in the ThunderAccess.™News & Social Network ...
ThunderStax Your Entire Organization.
In addition, you'll also receive $1 in ThunderStax™ for EVERYONE in your ThunderAccess™ Social Network "news organization," whether you invited them or not ...
ThunderStax Your Posts & Comments.
Furthermore, you'll receive more ThunderStax™ Cryptocurrency when you post on your ThunderAccess™ "News Channel" or comment on someone else's "News Channel."
How to Cash Out On ThunderStax.
Initially, ThunderStax™ will be used to buy advertising on the ThunderAccess™ Social Network; however, once ThunderStax™ is fully approved and launched, you'll be able to convert ThunderStax™ to Bitcoin and cash out.
Witness The Full Impact!
To truly see the power of ThunderAccess™ and why it will be gargantuan. Go to the following website: www.ThunderAccess.com ...
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